4 Aug 2012

The real "Hinamizawa"!!!!

It's been really really hot day these day,
Shirakwa-go is also really hot during the day.

Our morning tour departs Takayama Station 8:10, arrives Shirakawa-go around 9.
You can start walking around before it gets hot!!!

I think you know Shirakawa-go is listed as the World Heritage Site, but do you know that Shirakawa-go is the location where a Japanese animation “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni” was modeled after.

Many people who love the animation come to visit Shirakawa-go.

These are pictures of  "ema" in the Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine.
"Ema" is a board that is offered to a shrine in prayer for future good luck or after one's wish comes true.

You can see many "ema" drawn characters on it from the animation.

I found good web-site explained about Hinamizawa and Shirakawa-go.
This is it,

Visit the real Hinamizawa with our tour!

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