8 Aug 2012

"Doburoku Festival" is one of the big event in Shirakawa-village.
This festival is an annual event held on October 14th-15th.
Doburoku is a milky white sake made from rice and rice molt.
You can drink free sake during the festival.
People dance and sing folk songs, and do other traditional performances during the festival.
It must be fun!!!!
Why don't you plan to come to Takayama during the festival to go to the festival??

Even if you can not come to Takayama during the festival,
there is a Doburoku Festival Museum in Shirakawa-go.
You can see the video of the festival, and you can also taste Doburoku there!
It costs 300yen to get in, it is worth going!

Visit the World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go with us!

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