31 Jul 2012

Summer day in Shirakawa-go

It was really nice weather today.
It's very rare to have such a clear sky in summer time.
We could see the Haku-san so clearly!!!!

This is the view of the Ogimachi (the World Heritage Site) from the observation point.
Our bus takes you to this point on the way to the village!!
This observation point is the best point to take a photo of the village!

It's gonna be another nice day tomorrow!

Tomorrow's Weather forecast in Shirakawago.
  Highest  temperature will be 33 degree!

Please make sure to take your hat and water with you!

J-Hop Tour offer daily half-day bus tour to the World Heritage Site"Shirakawa-go" from Hida-Takayama! Now 3,500yen for round trip.
(Our bus is 800yen cheaper than the local bus!)

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