31 Jul 2017

Let's enjoy the summer festivals!!!  

If you are feeling bored at home, why not come over to enjoy numerous summer festivals here? In August, time to enjoy local events with locals by seeing the firework, dancing, drinking local sake and beer, checking out the local performance etc…


Starting from tomorrow, a lot of events will be held in Takayama and nearby towns.


Gero Hotspring Summer Festival

Date: 1 -3 August

Time:  18:30-22:30

Place: Gero (1 hour by train from Takayama)

Content: Fire Dragon, Firework, Bon Dance

Info: http://www.city.gero.lg.jp/kankou/data/language/e/event.html


Takayama Tanabata Festival (let’s make a wish together!)

Date: 6-7 August

Time: from 18:30

Place: 10 minutes walk from Takayama station

Takayama Tezustu (Hand Held) Firework (Exciting firework ever!!)

Date: 9 August

Time: 19:30

Place: Near to Yayoibashi Bridge

Info: http://www.hida.jp/english/



Takayama Night Market  (enjoying local snack, drink and the local performances with locals)
Date: 11-13 August
Time: 19:00-21:00
Place: In front of Takayama Jinya
Info: http://www.hida.jp/english/

Hida Furukawa Firework Festival
Date: 12 August
Time: 20:00
Place: 10 mins walk from Hida Furukawa
Access: 15-20 mins by train from Takayama

Takayama Bon Dance I (Let's try Japanese traditional bon dance with locals!)
Date: 14-15 August
Time: 18:00-20:00
Place: In front of Takayama Jinya

Takayama Bon Dance II
Date: 20 August
Time: 18:00-20:00
Place: 5 minutes walk from JR Takayama Station

Please feel free to ask our staff at the reception for more information!
Looking forward to seeing you !!! :)

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