19 Jul 2016

Mascots in Takayama and Shirakawago

In Japan, you can commonly see the cute mascots representing each town or city, for example, Kumamon from Kumamoto, Kyushu. Except Sarubobo in Takayama, there are also Hidachi and Shirakawago Kun representing Takayama and Shirakawago. They also have the identity cards in Japan!!

ひだっち (Hidachi)

Let me introduce briefly about Hidachi!
Body Length: around 3 pieces of rice dumplings (actually around same height as human)
Weight: Like a red turnip
Strength: Getting rid of bad luck
Hidachi has a fluffy face and a little stomach. When I first met Hidachi in the festival of the weaver in summer, I find him super cute with the smile. He is actually taller than me and it is so comfy to touch Hidachi. Hidachi usually walk around the street during festival. Please say hi to him and don’t forget to give a hug to him!!



しらかわGOくんShirakawa-Go Kun
Body Length: 170cm
Weight: 40 kg
Hobbies: make-up, enjoying street food during travel, singing
Dream: Become the spokesperson of Gifu prefecture and introduce the stunning views of Shirakawago and Gifu
Shirakawa Gokun is the mascot of Shirakawago whom has a hairstyle of the Gassho-house roof.
He is a guy who loves make-up and wears modern clothes with the Japanese clogs. Could you see his sparkling eyes? He is a bit busy during weekday and you may see him sometimes during weekend especially in the observation area of Shirakawago. Don’t forget to take a picture with GO Kun if you meet him next time!!! :)

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