24 Apr 2016

Takayama Festival

To deepen the understandings in Japan, the best way is to experience the local festival.  Do you know there is at least one festival held in Japan every day?  The city that I live is called Takayama where is embedded with rich Japanese culture.  I have been looking forward to this year Spring Takayama festival as it was cancelled last year due to heavy rain.  At that time, I realized that weather is so important for festival as the floats do not come out in order to protect the colour and good shape. 

Then, the good weather came on 14 –15 April this year.  What’s more?  The global warming brings the cherry blossom earlier this year.  In the day time, we saw beautiful floats and at night, we waited for night parade for 1 hour as the floats were decorated with lanterns lit by candles.  It is said that the traditions of this festival started 300 years ago.  Unlike the festival in big cities in Tokyo and Osaka, Takayam festival is one of the festival that we can see closely and enjoy the beauty of the floats.

Don’t wait!  Please join us next year!

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