31 Dec 2015

Japanease Soba

Before coming to Japan, I am not interested in eating Soba (Japanese buckwheat noodle) as the texture of the Soba seems not so tasty when compared with udon or ramen.  However, this autumn, I tried the Shinsoba made by 100% soba powder in Kiso, Nagano prefecture.  I found it very tasty which is different from the soba that I have eaten elsewhere in Japan.  The Shinsoba is made by the newly harvested buckwheat and thus the taste is richer and sweeter.  My doctor also recommended soba to me as the nutrient that it contains can improve digestion and has good impact on the skin as well!!! Takayama has a long cold winter and Kamonanban 鴨南蛮 soba (duck soba) is my favourite dish in winter which the restaurant put the ginger and leek on top of the soba.  If you have a chance to come to Takayma, please do not forget to try this winter specialty!!!

Today is the new year eve of Japan, one of the Japanese culture is to have soba noodles with family at night.  We are going to share this culture with our guests tonight.  It seems that tonight will be snowing too!! Wish you all have a happy new year with your beloved one and family!!

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