6 Sep 2014

Bus Tour of Doboroku Matsuri Festival in Shirakawago

Bus Tour of Doboroku Matsuri Festival in Shirakawago

Doburoku festival is an annual Shinto event taking place at Shirakawa-go.  Doburoku is a milky white, unrefined sake made from rice, rice malt, and water.  Doburoku is brewed from January through October, we can drink the NEW doburoku on the first day!!  Once you buy the glass provided by the festival, you can drink as much as you can for FREE.  Except drinking, there are also traditional dance such as lion dance(Shishimai), folk song performance and local food stalls.  The tour will also bring you to the observation point of Shirakawa-go to capture the excellent view of village(Ogimachi).  Do not miss this valuable chance to experience the biggest festival of Shirakawa-go!  Bus tour will be organized for the festival, details are as follows:

Date: 14th –15th October, 2014(Tuesday and Wednesday)

Departure time: 13:40 p.m.

Meeting point: bus stop in front of JR Takayama Station
(NOT Nohi public Bus Terminal)
Tour Fee: 4,000 yen per person / 3,800 yen per person(J-hopper Takayama Guesthouse Guests only)
Fee includes:  -Round-trip bus tickets between Takayama and Shirakawago (50 mintues by bus)
- English-speaking tour guide


Itinerary at a glance(Times may be subject to change)
Depart Takayama station
Arrive Shirakawa-go
Observation point
Walk around the village
Duburoku Festival
Depart Shirakawa-go
Arrive Takayama station

Enrollment and inquiries: email to tour@j-hoppers.com or call 0577-62-9545.

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