21 Dec 2013

Hyotenka no Mori (The Crystal Forest)

Hyotenka no Mori 
(The Crystal Forest)

Hyotenka no Mori is an Ice Festival in a small onsen located south-eastwards in the upper outskirts of Takayama and due to the location and elevation it experiences continual freezing temperatures during the winter season.

The trees and scenery is coated in a thick, glossy layer of ice and is illuminated beautifully during the evening. It is a truly magical experience and well worth seeing! You can even try drinking from a cup made of ice if you're feeling daring enough!

This year, iSite Takayama is providing a return bus service w/ tour to Hyotenka no Mori for only 3,800 yen/pp (500 yen discount for J-Hoppers Guests)

This service will run from January 2nd until March 20th 2014. There will be a morning tour departing at 9:30am and an evening tour departing at 4:00pm every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.

Morning Tour: 

Depart Takayama Station: 9:30 / Arrive Hyotenka no Mori: 10:30
       (1 Hour Free Time)
Depart Hyotenka no Mori  11:30 / Arrive Takayama Station: 12:30~

Evening Tour: 

Depart Takayama Station: 16:00 / Arrive Hyotenka no Mori: 17:00
       (1 Hour Free Time)  (Light-up)
Depart Hyotenka no Mori  18:00 / Arrive Takayama Station: 19:00~

(~) Arrival time back at Takayama Station is subject to change due to local weather conditions.

Notice: During Mid-January, temperatures in this area usually rise to a maximum of -1c and a minimum of -13c so please dress accordingly. (Snow boots are provided here at J-Hoppers for free or can be rented on the tour for 500 yen)

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